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Jun06 Trust, the ‘special sauce’ of a winning relationship
June 06, 2022

We can all remember a great meal.  Something wonderful that ordinary meals lack -- perhaps a “speci...
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Apr20 How to Avoid the 'Ethical Slide' That Leads Companies Astray
April 20, 2022

Today, strong ethics are a central issue for business leaders, knowing consumers are drawn to compa...
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Dec30 Commercial ethics: reflections on a turbulent year
December 30, 2021

For many, 2021 has once again been a year like no other. Volatile, uncertain, emotionally and intel...
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Jun24 Regulatory compliance in the global supply chain
June 24, 2021

Even the best supply chain risk compliance management cannot exclude regulatory violations from ha...
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Oct07 Most Negotiated Terms 2020
October 07, 2020

COVID-19 has laid bare the massive changes that companies face in an ever-accelerating, constantly ...
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Mar23 How Tech has Disrupted Negotiation, and what to do about it
March 23, 2020

A recent study shows that a majority of today's negotiations are conducted online, not face-to-face...
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Mar02 Enhancing the Value of Extended Supply Ecosystems
March 02, 2020

This is a top-level summary report from the conducted survey on 'Enhancing the Value of Extended Su...
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Feb19 Post Award Summary Report - The Value Compliance Uncertainty Framework (VCU)
February 19, 2020

The economic value of contracts is gained or lost during the post-award phase, yet a study conducte...
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Jun11 Most Negotiated Terms Report - 2018 (Top Terms)
June 11, 2018

Are we destroying value by focusing negotiations on the wrong topics? 2018 Top Terms in Negotiation...
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Nov03 2015 Top Terms in Negotiation - Most Negotiated Terms and Conditions
November 03, 2015

This report of the 2015 Top Terms in Negotiation - Most Negotiated Terms and Conditions means No Ne...
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