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May06 Cyber: Series 1, Part 3 - Security of critical infrastructure is contract professionals' business
May 06, 2023

How Australia is leading globally to support and sanction organizations which are not keeping crit...
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Mar30 Cyber: Series 1, Part 2 - Frameworks; cyber resilience structures for better contract management
March 30, 2023

Jennie Vickers joins Else Bright to talk about frameworks - using the structure of cyber resilienc...
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Mar17 Cyber: Series 1, Part 1 - Unpacking the impact of cyber security on the contract lifecycle (APAC)
March 17, 2023

Everyone working in contracting can benefit from hearing about cyber security and its impact throu...
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Jul04 What is the future of legal services procurement?
July 04, 2022

The legal opinions in this article are the author’s own, not WorldCC’s, and this is not legal advi...
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Oct13 The challenges, rewards & tensions of sharing data with suppliers
October 13, 2021

The new CAPS Research report Digital Connectivity and Data Protection in Supply Management examin...
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