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Research Reports

Jan13 Contract and commercial management benchmark report. Technology and software sector.
January 13, 2022

Many organizations in the technology and software sector are lagging other sectors in the performan...
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Dec09 Overcoming the 10 pitfalls of contracting
December 09, 2021

Back in 2014, IACCM (now WorldCC) estimated that organizations were losing an average 9.2% of the a...
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Oct04 Re-imagining retail and CPG relationships as an eco-system of contracts
October 04, 2021

Facing an unparalleled challenge during the pandemic, individuals and organizations in retail, food...
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Sep23 Benchmark Report 2021. The benefits of focus – the costs of neglect
September 23, 2021

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Aug19 White Paper: Procurement: Look to the Future, Not the Past
August 19, 2021

It is a question many have asked, but until now, no one has run a study directly comparing the view...
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Apr30 MSME Ecosystems The importance of and best practices for collaborating with Micro and Small to Medium Enterprise
April 30, 2021

Micro and Small to Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) account for the majority of businesses worldwide and ...
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Mar18 The Insights Challenge
March 18, 2021

World Commerce and Contracting Member Survey Report in conjunction with Suppleye
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Mar04 When Technology Meets Humanity – The Future of Contract Management
March 04, 2021

Companies are embracing en-masse the need to look at and understand how contracts are created and t...
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Feb25 Capture the moment. Implementing changes we have all been longing for. Understanding risk
February 25, 2021

  Through a new holism of thinking and planning, commercial and contract management can provid...
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Feb25 Governance Terms & Procedures: A Work in Progress
February 25, 2021

A recent WorldCC member survey explored the use and importance of governance terms and procedures i...
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