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The purpose of the Telecommunications / ICT community of interest is to provide its members with insights into new trends and emerging practices in the fields of contract, commercial and relationship management. While these are in the context of our industry, they draw from knowledge and ideas that are current and relevant in other sectors and those related to the industry (e.g. software and technology). Members participate in open discussions and draw/share from knowledge and ideas that are current and relevant.


A key goal is to improve the performance of contracts and relationships in Telecommunications and Information Communications Technology by the development and sharing of best practices.

The objectives are met by sharing ideas, discussing challenges, exploring new directions and, where appropriate, initiating research or inviting experts to present on key topics in the sector related to contract, commercial and relationship management.  The Community includes both buy-side and sell-side activities.

We are still in the planning stages for our Community and welcome your input into areas of interest. Your leads have identified the following areas of immediate interest:

  • How the 10 pitfalls of effective contracting apply to the sector
  • Obligations tracking and jeopardy management in high-risk deals
  • Effective risk management – models and tools
  • Big Data Analytics – Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning applied to major contracts 
  • Maturity models in the sector
  • Organizational benchmarks for contract negotiation effectiveness
  • Delivering mass-customization in the major contracts


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Council Representatives


Lars-henrik Nielsen

Lars-henrik Nielsen

Ericsson AB

Ronan Thomas

Ronan Thomas

Optus Business

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