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Relationship Management (8 hours)

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Relationships are the core of the procurement process, both inside the department and organization, and with customers and suppliers. Success is built on the capacity to influence and that, in turn, is based on the ability to understand the perspectives of the participants in the process. Building relationships seems to come easy to some, and often, those individuals realize that the success of others creates the baseline for personal success.

This program provides the knowledge and tools on how relationships can be built with partner organizations. It also develops the ability to become a trusted advisor to team leaders, instilling a confidence that demonstrates you understand their priorities and will strive to make them successful (and work to develop the related skills). In many cases, this requires the ability to change the culture within your function and the organization. The starting point is clear, simple, and constant communication, up, down, and across.

This program is appropriate for persons with a minimum of two-years of procurement experience or beyond. Candidates with less than 2 years of experience are recommended to complete the Operational Capability program before registering for this program.

Upon successful completion, candidates earn 8 Modern Procurement hours to apply towards Practitioner or Advanced Practitioner certification. Candidates also earn a Certificate of Completion.

The program is delivered in 2 x 4 hour instructor led training sessions, delivered virtually. Sessions are designed to be highly interactive, with the objective to augment understanding, as well as impact behaviors.

As members, candidates also have access to the WorldCC Content Hub for research and on-the-job guidance.

  • Building relationships and understanding perspectives of internal customers, partners, leaders, and suppliers
  • Become a business person in procurement, not a procurement person in business
  • Identifying internal customers business challenges
  • Proposing alternatives based in knowledge and understanding
  • Becoming a change agent
  • Becoming a trusted advisor
  • Creating partnerships with suppliers to cultivate supplier innovation
Participants earn 8 Continuing Professional Development points.

If you would like to learn more about this program and how it can support you or your team, please get in touch.

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This program is part of our Modern Procurement Programs and Certifications, a training for procurement professionals to meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving supply ecosystem.

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Relationship Management program
(8 hours)
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