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Creating Supply Chain Value (8 hours)

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This program will build an understanding of how your work translates into value for your organization. You will need to become a business athlete, to understand how the CEO, CFO, Treasurer, HR executive, and the CIO create value. Know the numbers that generate success for the company – how they measure success needs to be how you measure success. It is imperative that you run procurement like a business, considering customer service, clear deliverables to the organization and how they are marketed to each internal organization. Your products are your supplier base and all they have to offer. Your value is building a dynamic solution that delivers optimal value for the products and services of a global supply chain and protecting the company from supply chain risk.

Every business is deeply intertwined with environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns. An optimal supply chain offers wide reaching opportunities to create value for your organization. Environmental criteria includes energy usage, discharged waste, the resources needed, including carbon emissions and the climate change impact.

Social criteria includes how you build your reputation with people and organizations where you do business. Governance is how you manage and control your department and suppliers, how you make effective decisions, comply with the law, and meet the needs of external stakeholders.

In this program, you will understand how to leverage ESG tools and principles to create business value.

This program is appropriate for persons with a minimum of two-years of procurement experience or beyond. Candidates with less than 2 years of experience are recommended to complete the Operational Capability program before registering for this program.

Upon successful completion, candidates earn 8 Modern Procurement hours to apply towards Practitioner or Advanced Practitioner certification. Candidates also earn a Certificate of Completion.

The program is delivered in 2 x 4 hour instructor led training sessions, delivered virtually. Sessions are designed to be highly interactive, with the objective to augment understanding, as well as impact behaviors.

As members, candidates also have access to the WorldCC Content Hub for research and on-the-job guidance.

  • Identify/communicate your USP around:
    • Supplier relationship management
    • Contract lifecycle management
    • Micro and macro economics
  • Learn to ‘Think and act like an owner’
  • Move away from cost savings into EPS
  • Balancing requirements
  • Sustainability versus corporate social responsibility
  • Environmental/Social/Economic Pillars
  • Supplier diversity
  • Circular procurement.
Participants earn 8 Continuing Professional Development points.

If you would like to learn more about this program and how it can support you or your team, please get in touch.

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This program is part of our Modern Procurement Programs and Certifications, a training for procurement professionals to meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving supply ecosystem.

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Creating Supply Chain Value program
(8 hours)
US$ per person