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Protecting Your Supply Chain

Taking a holistic approach to your contract management and how it works in conjunction with supplier relationship management (SRM) and supply chain risk is not only critical but essential to demonstrating value and achieving results. Notably, this year put unique strains on supply chains, testing the efficacy of their management and the strength of their relationships.  Some thrived and rose to the challenge to meet urgent needs, and others have been prompted to fundamentally re-think their supply strategies and relationships. This TASK topic provides the resources to help you protect your supply chain and leverage it to foster innovation.

Supply Chain Transparency

The Challenge of Supply Chain Transparency

The Covid-19 pandemic has powerfully indicated why supply chain visibility is an essential feature of today's business environment. Research shows that it is also acting as a catalyst for new thinking and approaches to sourcing strategy and customer delivery models. The latest report in the World Commerce & Contracting Research Forum series, titled 'Leveraging Extended Supply Ecosystems – The Role of Transparency', is therefore timely as a potential support for that new thinking.

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Supplier Relationship Management Training - Enroll Now!

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Trends in Supply Chain Management

Webinar – Ceteris Paribus: COVID-19, Global Trade, and The Evolving International Supply Chain

This webinar discusses current trends and trends that are being dropped in the evolving international supply chain.

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The End of Procurement

COVID-19 is prompting numerous changes in society, the economy, and commercial relationships. Many are changes that would have occurred anyway, but the pandemic is generating a new sense of urgency. Back in April, an article in the Financial Times highlighted one of the critical issues facing businesses. “Too late, many executives and owners have realized that by pursuing the holy grail of ever-greater efficiency, they sacrificed robustness, resilience, and effectiveness. Much of the fragility in supply chains is a direct consequence of the procurement practices of the last 20 years

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Technology Takes Center Stage Inside Financial Supply Chains

We all will need to change how we do business especially as it relates to the supply chain. While some finance organizations are ducking the challenges, others are cruising ahead with new methods that save them time and money.

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Success and Mitigating Risks in Supply Chain Management


How to Check the Viability of Your Suppliers

While 'something bad' represents a range of possibilities on the continuum from inconceivable to dead certainty, here we'll focus on the things that might affect a critical supplier's viability, its ability to survive.

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Webinar – COVID-19 Supply Chains Workshop - Vibe Summit 2020

This webinar discusses some of the key lessons learned from contract management coming out of the first few months of the COVID-19 pandemic and global repercussions. 

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Webinar – The Intersection of Contract and Supplier Management: Why is it Critical to Business Success?

Discover how the ability to merge contract and supplier management promises to be the next big frontier for enterprise transformation.

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Leading Your Supply Chain Successfully Through a CLM Journey

The journey to world class business practices doesn’t happen overnight. When implementing a digital CLM platform, you need to start the digital transformation by focusing on four fundamental elements for successful results: 1. people, 2.  processes, 3. data, 4. the CLM system.

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Compliance vs. Quality: Protecting Your Supply Chain

Compliance has not emerged with glory from COVID-19. For many, it became a source of rigidity that constrained cooperation, limited transparency, delayed important decisions and stood in the way of good commercial judgment.

But there is another way of looking at compliance and that is to see it as a component of quality management. For those who view it this way, supply relationships operate in a very different manner. They offer dynamism, smooth-flowing information and healthy relationships that can flex and support collaboration in managing the chaos created by the pandemic. That’s not to say these organizations don’t care about compliance. In fact, quite the opposite; they think of compliance as a component of a quality management system and ensure that it is designed and adjusted to support business resilience, not simply to impose rules.

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Sally Guyer, Executive, board director, mother and entrepreneur

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