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14 Jan 2014

Bringing Design Thinking into Contract Design: Visual Tools for Better Contracting - Recording & Slides

Today's contracts are complex and their meaning is not always clear to those who are impacted. What can we do to provide better usability and to prevent inadvertent non-compliance and negative surprises?When working together in a research program on User Experience & Usability in Complex Systems (FIMECC UXUS), Helena Haapio and Stefania Passera felt the need to enhance the user experience and usability of contracts. They explored ways to introduce user-centered design into the field of contract design and to merge a proactive approach with design thinking, especially information design and visualization. In this presentation they will discuss research-based criteria of good documents and illustrate, with case studies, how information design and visualization have been applied to improve real-world documents, transforming complex legal texts into easy-to-use information and guidance. Their examples include the development of a visual user guide to the General Terms of Public Procurement of Services in Finland and Legal Design Jams contributing to the production of Wikimedia Foundation's new, user-friendly trademark policy.This session looks into how a fresh approach to design practices can enable your team to produce better contracts and communication, easier for users to understand and act upon.

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