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04 November 2020 ·

Managing Change in an AI World – Practitioners’ Discussion

Change Management is a transformational process, helping organizations transition to a new level of operational quality and efficiency, driving growth and development. The focus of change management teams should be on what matters the most - ensuring that people are willing and able to change with change levers like technology and processes.

Join Arthur Raguette, EVP Ultria, Paul Branch, COO, WCC, and Marjorie Jorgensen, Program Manager, CLM & Compliance at Cushman & Wakefield for a session focused on effective organizational change management practices and communication initiatives required before, during, and after AI implementations for continued success.

Attend this webinar to understand:

1. What does the change mean to you?
2. People – A Key Driver in Managing Change with AI (a medium of evolution)
3. Measuring the transition from point A to point B with a clear vision
4. Practical Business Value from Change Management in Contracts Domain
5. Relationship Contracting via Collaboration (vs. Adversarial Contracting via Division)
6. Re-skilling and up-skilling for Contract Professionals

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