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27 February 2017 · Article

The Role of a Contract Manager

This series of three articles tracks the continuing development of the contract management role and purpose. It illustrates that, over a ten year period, there have been significant changes in the strategic importance of contract management as a competency. This is true in both public and private sector.\r
Change is challenging and increasingly there is a question over the balance between individual expertise and organisational capability. In other words, is the future of contract management that it will flourish as a professional discipline, or will it rather become an activity which is embedded across the organisation? It is likely that the answer will be a mixture of the two and indeed that a key role of the contract management professional will be to ensure the delivery of capability through appropriate empowerment and technology deployment.\r
In reading this paper, you are encouraged to give thought to the activities that are identified and to examine whether they are a) relevant within your organisation and b) performed effectively.

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