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11 May 2015 · Webinar

Contract management delivers 35% improvement in productivity

Many organizations struggle to provide compelling data to support the need for contract and commercial management. This webinar will provide you with some of the insights you need to gain status and investment.\r
- Do you know that centralized contract management functions result in 35% less resources than decentralized (or non-existent) resources?\r
- Do you know that high performing companies close contracts twice as fast as the average? \r
- Do you know that the most efficient contract managers handle nearly 70% more contracts than the least efficient?\r
Data like this - and the reasons for those differences - makes for compelling discussions with senior management. Especially when it is linked to financial performance data.\r
Listen to this webinar and join on the continuing journey towards contract and commercial excellence as we discuss the results of IACCM's latest benchmarking survey.

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