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07 July 2011 · Templates

Contract briefing template

In post-award contract management, carrying out a detailed contract handover session from the bid/negotiation team to the post-award management team is key to a successful outcome. This template suggests some of the details that should be captured from the contract and bid/negotiation phase for onward briefing to the relevant functions in the organisation. \r
The amount of detail needed and time spent in face to face briefing will vary with the complexity of the deal and contract. For a complex outsourcing contract, for example, this might be half a day of the pre-award and post-award teams sitting together in a meeting room, each with a copy of the contract, going through page by page. \r
The verbal explanation is more important than handing over documents, since the interpretation and history of how we ended up where we did in negotiation is key to understanding risks and opportunities arising and which need to be managed during contract management. That said, having a template for communicating the key requirements is helpful, this may include, for example, the headings in this template. Edit this template to ensure that they key requirements of your deal are communicated effectively to those with a need to know.\r

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