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16 November 2021 ·

SirionLabs - Smarter Contracting: Activating the Digital Enterprise

Contracts have long been viewed primarily as instruments of control and risk management - inert and rigid objects that come to life only when there is failure.

It’s time for new thinking – contracts as dynamic sources of intelligence that drive data flows across organizations, networks, and ecosystems. By placing AI at the heart of the contracting process, this new approach seamlessly connects enterprise teams, processes, and systems enabling unprecedented visibility and collaboration.

Join us for this webinar on 16th November to discover how this re-imagined approach is making contracting smarter and helping organizations manage complexity and transform enterprise value creation. The webinar panel features Max Iori, Global Head of the Technology & Data Legal Group at the leading global financial services firm Morgan Stanley, and Yuri Hembitski, Global Head of Sourcing Insights & Digitalization, Novozymes A/S, a global market leading biotech company alongside Tim Cummins, President, WorldCC, and Mark Voytek, Chief Customer Officer, SirionLabs.

Attend this webinar to discover:

  • The key elements of smarter contracting

  • What’s needed to turn the smarter contracting vision into reality

  • Where we are today and the key barriers to smarter contracting

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