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Apr28 Are your negotiations strategic? Complex? Coaching may be the answer
April 28, 2023

For more than 30 years, DPSS has mentored and supported senior negotiators.  Throughout that time,...
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Jul29 Predicting Net Promoter Score (NPS) using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and 10,000 LivePerson Transcripts
July 29, 2022

Originally published June 30, 2022, this article is reprinted by permission from Andrew Moorhouse,...
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Dec30 How predictive modelling improves bid economics and outcomes
December 30, 2021

Too often bidding teams focus on opportunities to fill their pipeline and submit proposals for the ...
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Oct19 Under the Hood: Model Development Strategies Behind AI Contract Analytics Software
October 19, 2021

Contract Analytics is a key segment of software focused on applying Machine Learning and Natural La...
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Feb16 World Commerce & Contracting Benchmark Report - Outsourcing & Services 2019
February 16, 2021

This industry specific report is an adjunct to the 2019 Benchmark report published by IACCM in Augu...
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Oct12 DocuSign - Negotiate with the Power of AI - Introducing DocuSign Analyzer
October 12, 2020

Every incoming agreement carries risk - that’s why contracts need to be carefully reviewed and nego...
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Oct07 Most Negotiated Terms 2020
October 07, 2020

COVID-19 has laid bare the massive changes that companies face in an ever-accelerating, constantly ...
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Sep14 Ultria Webinar - AI-led Contract Analytics - Identify, Manage and Mitigate Risks
September 14, 2020

How insights captured by-led contract analytics can benefit teams across the organization, in takin...
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Aug11 2019 Benchmark Oil & Gas Industry
August 11, 2020

This report is based on data collected in 2019 from 50 corporations in the oil and gas sector. It i...
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May19 Thought Leadership: Automation - An Objective View
May 19, 2020

This webinar responds to the many requests IACCM receives for objective insight to contract managem...
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