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Sep22 LinkSquares: Key Strategies for Enhancing Effectiveness in Your In-House Legal Career
September 22, 2023

The role of in-house legal teams has evolved and transformed as the legal landscape has shifted.
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Sep19 How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming enterprise contracting
September 19, 2023

We know how contracts are the backbone of all commercial relationships, but, unfortunately, because...
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Feb17 Deloitte: Introduction to the new Australian Unfair Contract Terms Treasury Laws Amendment
February 17, 2023

Are your contracts fair? A rising number of legal, regulatory and social issues are leading ...
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Feb09 Legal frameworks for gender-responsive procurement:
February 09, 2023

A comparative review of regulatory and policy measures and international and national legal norms ...
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Nov30 Resolving liquidated damages - Indian perspective paves a way forward
November 30, 2022

Defining and calculating the specific cost of liquidated damages fairly and accurately can be any...
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Oct27 Digital contract management as an enabler
October 27, 2022

What compels businesses to prioritize technology over manual operations?  It’s their need for assu...
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Apr25 TRG UK Law Update April 2022
April 25, 2022

In this edition we feature cases covering: A force majeure clause validly invoked to ter...
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Mar15 The Interplay between Business and Legal
March 15, 2022

How well do legal and business teams work together in your business?
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Feb02 Templatizing your Contracts
February 02, 2022

Is your legal department overwhelmed with requests for contract reviews? Do you need greater effici...
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Dec30 Law firms embrace technology more assertively these days - how come?
December 30, 2021

The future of lawyers - why law firms should not be only about lawyers? This article answers that q...
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