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Apr29 Contract migration and data extraction – could this become your own success story?
April 29, 2022

Companies seeking to get a handle around their contracts, track the salient terms and data points,...
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Apr01 Five steps to avoid long, messy processes
April 01, 2022

Oh, such a nice dream -- the idea that implementing artificial intelligence (AI) into our workflow...
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Mar01 Combining artificial intelligence (AI) with human logic? Help is on the way!
March 01, 2022

We know how corporate enterprises are responding to their need to digitize their contracts and man...
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Aug30 Deploying AI-Powered Contract Intelligence: Emerging Best Practices - With Evisort
August 30, 2021

Not all contract Artificial Intelligence is created equal. With numerous solutions on the mark...
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Jul29 The State of Artificial Intelligence in Contract Lifecycle Management - With DocuSign
July 29, 2021

The volume of agreements, the complexity of those agreements - and their associated metadata contin...
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