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Aug30 5 ways to boost productivity for legal contracts using generative AI
August 30, 2023

The use of artificial intelligence is all the buzz right now.  From Microsoft Bing’s use of OpenAI’...
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Jul11 Applying Artificial Intelligence Series - Part 3: Adoption of AI in Contracting
July 11, 2023

A deep dive into 2023 global survey findings
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Jul07 Negotiation Room - Part 3: AI or not AI - the negotiator’s dilemma
July 07, 2023

To use or not to use? Do we even know when it is being used?
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Jul06 Embracing innovation and change
July 06, 2023

It is almost 80 years since prize-winning economist Joseph Schumpeter observed that ‘technical inve...
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Jul05 Are they being serious?
July 05, 2023

Anyone who follows my writing or research will know that I’m a massive advocate for commercial team...
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Feb24 AI in Procurement
February 24, 2023

Sievo has produced a useful guide to AI in Procurement. Click below to access their site where you ...
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Oct27 You can get excellent results when using AI to manage contracts if you realize its limitations
October 27, 2022

Your learning journey of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not one to undertake alone or in a silo. ...
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Apr19 SirionLabs: How AI is Helping Reimagine Contract Authoring
April 19, 2022

For many organizations, contract authoring continues to be a time-consuming, resource-intensive, ri...
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Apr13 ContractPodAI: Collaborative Intelligence
April 13, 2022

ContractPodAI: Collaborative Intelligence - How Contracting Teams Can Combine the Strengths of Huma...
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Apr07 Malbek: Crossing the Contract AI Chasm: 6 Key Trends Uncovered
April 07, 2022

Malbek & WorldCC’s global benchmark study uncovers the barriers and benefits of AI-enabled contract...
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