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Jun21 Healthcare Agreements: Get them right the first time!
June 21, 2023

Healthcare agreement negotiations bear a unique and well-known risk burden. Additionally, the timel...
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Apr28 Know your risks to hold your profits
April 28, 2023

Every business faces risks that could threaten its success and hurt its reputation. As part of a ma...
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Oct27 Digital contract management as an enabler
October 27, 2022

What compels businesses to prioritize technology over manual operations?  It’s their need for assu...
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Aug18 TRG UK Law Update - August 2022
August 18, 2022

In this edition we feature cases covering: Waiving rights of enforcement Interpreting ...
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Sep20 Contracts for Difference
September 20, 2021

The purpose of Contracts for Difference is to incentivize investments in new low-carbon electricity...
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Aug25 Contracts, Commercial & ESG
August 25, 2021

Professionals in contract and commercial management care about the ESG principles, with 80% indicat...
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Dec15 TL: Insights round-up – what did we learn in 2020 and what trends must we plan for in 2021?
December 15, 2020

If knowledge is power, then the combined research of KPMG Law and World Commerce & Contracting will...
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Nov24 Financial Times Article - Meet the advocates of using contracts to gauge economic health
November 24, 2020

Meet the advocates of using contracts to gauge economic health
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