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Sep19 Motivating project managers to embrace contract and commercial management practices
September 19, 2023

After reading what follows, I’m sure you’ll agree .  It is crucial for project managers to have co...
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Jul14 Collaboration - turning aspirations to reality
July 14, 2022

We want to collaborate - so what’s holding us back? Is it fear of adding to an already extensive wo...
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Aug05 The Negotiation Room Part 1: Will There Ever Be a Chief Negotiation Officer?
August 05, 2021

Instructional, thought-provoking and entertaining, these programs feature Award-winners Keld Jensen...
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Nov20 Supplier Relationship Management: Establishing Internal and External Alignment
November 20, 2020

In a report developed by KPMG in 2013, interviews conducted with 25 chief procurement officers (CPO...
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