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May06 Balanced contract negotiations - the future to saving time and money
May 06, 2022

Most organizations have standard contract templates and battle hard to either impose or alter them...
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Apr01 Negotiation - an encounter, a process -- and all-encompassing reward!
April 01, 2022

Key ingredient – AEMON - what is it? Negotiation is a core skill for all commercial practitio...
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Feb17 The Negotiation Room Part Three - If you want to win, concede
February 17, 2022

How do the best, most successful negotiators handle concessions? Is conceding a sign of strength or...
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Jan27 The Negotiation Room Part Two - “Are you joking me?” The role of humor in negotiation
January 27, 2022

Does humor have a place in negotiation – and if so, when, where and how? Can it be used to defuse s...
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Jan19 Conga: Reduce and improve negotiation cycles with business process automation
January 19, 2022

When implemented correctly, automating repetitive tasks in the contract lifecycle process will acce...
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Jan10 Stop Whining Start Negotiating
January 10, 2022

At the end of last year, in the post Be Angry. Then Do This . . . , I wrote about a personal ...
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Jan10 The Negotiation Room Part One “My tribe is better than yours” Culture and belonging in negotiation
January 10, 2022

We all know that culture impacts how we undertake negotiation. But how is this impacted by ‘tribal ...
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Aug31 The Negotiation Room - Part Three How to strengthen your natural skills in negotiation
August 31, 2021

Recent studies show that negotiations headed by women have a 20% better chance of being successful ...
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Aug19 The Negotiation Room Part 2: Is Negotiation Dead? No, but procurement is.
August 19, 2021

Continuing our hugely popular Negotiation Room series, this instalment focuses on the future of neg...
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Aug06 Do we need a Chief Negotiation Officer?
August 06, 2021

According to a recent article from McKinsey & Company, 93% of business leaders of companies with mor...
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