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Feb28 Is your strategic risk management a speed breaker or a roadblock?
February 28, 2024

Too often we see the risk management as a hindrance to growth initiatives, creating discomfort and...
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Apr28 Know your risks to hold your profits
April 28, 2023

Every business faces risks that could threaten its success and hurt its reputation. As part of a ma...
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Nov30 Resolving liquidated damages - Indian perspective paves a way forward
November 30, 2022

Defining and calculating the specific cost of liquidated damages fairly and accurately can be any...
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Oct07 When Collaboration Turns To Collusion...
October 07, 2022

Would you recognize the warning signs? Today’s tough market conditions have led many organiz...
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Jun07 Navigating Crises Through Strategic Resilience
June 07, 2022

Crises have always been part of human history. Despite this, new types of crises and repeats of for...
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May02 IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Index 2022
May 02, 2022

This year’s IBM Security X-Force Threat Intelligence Index presents an uncomfortable truth: as busi...
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May02 What Are the Biggest Phishing Trends Today?
May 02, 2022

According to the 2022 X-Force Threat Intelligence Index , phishing was the most common way that cy...
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Apr14 Legal Lessons Learned During Supply Chain Crisis and Contractual Changes to Consider
April 14, 2022

The pandemic affected more aspects of our lives than we were prepared to tackle. Most famously disc...
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Feb09 SirionLabs - How AI-powered CLM is Making Integrated Risk Management a Reality
February 09, 2022

“The biggest risk that businesses face today is their inability to manage risk holistically.” ...
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Feb04 Is Optimism on Your Risk Register?
February 04, 2022

A "lack of optimism could create a vicious cycle of disillusionment and social unrest." The World E...
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