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The Oil and Gas Community provides its members with insights to new trends and emerging practices in the fields of contracting, commercial and relationship management in the oil and gas sector. This Community was started by the members of WorldCC (then IACCM) in the industry to talk about issues particular to them.

The Oil and Gas Community is a global group of contracts and commercial practitioners from companies in the Petrochemical, Oil and Gas industries. The Community creates and shares knowledge, within legal and ethical boundaries. The group provides help to solve problems raised by its members related to the activites associated with commercial and contract management in the Petrochemical, Oil and Gas industries. This is done by sharing ideas, discussing challenges, exploring new directions and, where appropriate, initiating research or inviting experts to present on key topics in the oil and gas sector related to contract, commercial and relationship management. Since this is a highly regulated industry, please be mindful of that when making postings in the Discussion Thread below.

Meetings will be virtual (by phone or webinar) unless in specific cases there is an agreed wish to have physical meetings or workshops to develop specific initiatives.


  • Build a vibrant network of contracts and commercial practitioners in the Petrochemical, Oil and Gas industries
  • Offer networking events whenever possible to our community
  • Provide standards and best practices for use by our community
  • Provide Ask the Expert Calls
  • Review available training and provide quality WorldCC training in the Petrochemical, Oil and Gas industries
  • Provide Subject Matter Experts and a “body of knowledge” for our community
  • Provide breakout forums at WorldCC conferences and virtual events for Petrochemical, Oil and Gas industry subjects


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Magaly Aires Batista

Magaly Aires Batista


Pedro Martinez

Pedro Martinez


Jim Pearson

Jim Pearson


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