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Our Awards

Our awards are all about you, our community, and your amazing achievements in contract management, contract design, and innovation.

Awards are a huge part of how we recognize opportunities to improve, achieve, and revisit our current expectations and goals to better support our members around the world.

This is your time to shine.

Integrated CCC

World Commerce & Contracting Innovation & Excellence Awards

We understand the importance of recognizing individuals and organizations that are achieving the highest standards in the field of commercial and contract management.

Let’s celebrate our global innovation and success stories together! 

Award categories

For team led initiatives that have delivered significant business value through an improved commercial or contracting process or practices.

What judges are looking for:

Operational initiative that has delivered a significant improvement to business process through:

  • clear identification of business challenge
  • overcoming the challenge, for example by streamlining the process or implementation of technology
  • demonstration of the outcome eg. cost saving or significant reduction in time

For team led initiatives that have raised the strategic profile and contribution of the commercial or contracting process or function.

What judges are looking for:

Achievement that has lead to measurable improvement in the role, influence and contribution of the function for example through:

  • executive level recognition of the process or function
  • how the contract and commercial function has contributed to organizational goals and objective
  • demonstration of enhancement of organization's reputation through changes in contract and commercial

For customer and supplier relationship that has delivered substantial value for both organizations

What judges are looking for:

A relationship that demonstrates:

  • an understanding of mutual and independent goals and objectives
  • ways of working that championed open communication, problem solving, joint working resulting in a trusted environment
  • achievement of value on both sides

*this must be a bilateral submission

For initiatives that deliver meaningful change and impact, fulfilling the vision of World Commerce & Contracting

What judges are looking for:

Initiatives that have delivered meaningful change and impact through:

  • enhancement to organizational, regional or global community
  • prioritization of people and planet over profit
  • demonstration of the impact that improved contract and commercial practices can have on society

For our individual practitioners who have shown outstanding leadership or diligence; championing openness, cooperation, trust, honesty, commitment and mutual understanding in commercial and contract management. You must be nominated for this award.

What judges are looking for:

Individuals who have:

  • demonstrated outstanding leadership
  • created an environment of trust and cooperation whether internally or cross organization
  • raised the profile of commercial and contract management

* you cannot self-nominate

Leaders of the Virtual Future Program

Our 2020 winning team of under 30 year old contract and commercial managers was our Europe team! They demonstrate how we can work to ensure our virtual trading relationships are sustainable and deliver social and economic benefit. 

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Innovators of the Future Program

Following the success of our Leaders of the Future Programs, we have launched our Innovators initiative for young rising stars.

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