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Modern Procurement programs

Operational Capability (20 hours)

Procurement teams have historically focused on excellence in operational capability as a core of their value proposition. Through the lens of Modern Procurement, this program lays the foundation for a team to perform the next generation of value creation. The goal is to understand operational excellence from a technical and strategic perspective, and provide a framework to deliver these capabilities to the organization.

The program focuses on developing exceptional transactional efficiency through order-and-pay technology and effective sourcing needs. It includes a review of category expertise, source-to-pay technology, integration of marketplaces and supply chain visibility. We will review the end-to-end procurement process within the commercial lifecycle to create an environment where risk and costs can be balanced, and the terms and conditions are incorporated into an active management program.

Categories of spend are increasing in complexity, requiring more sophisticated contracts with greater detail. The contract creates the framework for collaboration and is the tool to spur innovation for future revenue. A strong collaborative contract will foster strong relationships with suppliers and clearly identify deliverables, program details and expectations on all sides of the relationship. This will include the internal customer, audit, compliance, diversity, n-tier management, sustainability, risk mitigation and innovation. Our goal is to also understand the total cost of ownership, reviewing the concepts of supplier management and skills around change management.

Upon successful completion, candidates earn 20 Modern Procurement hours and an Associate level certification. This program, or where appropriate the Bridge Program, is also required to earn a Practitioner or Advanced Practitioner certification. 

This program is delivered in a blended format, combining approximately 12 hours of on-demand learning, with 8 hours of interactive virtual workshops.

The on-demand learning includes microlearning videos, discussion boards, and short assessments at the end of each topic. The interactive virtual workshops are organized as 2 x 4 hour online sessions. Sessions are designed to be highly interactive, with the objective to augment understanding, as well as impact behaviors.

As members, candidates also have access to the WorldCC Content Hub for research and on-the-job guidance.

To successfully complete the program and earn an Associate level certification, learners must pass the online assessments at the end of each topic delivered on-demand and participate in the 8 hours of virtual workshop.

  • Spend analytics
  • Sourcing strategy (including RFP, RFQ and ITT’s)
  • Risk mitigation
  • Negotiation
  • Contract drafting and design
  • SOWs
  • Commercial awareness
  • Order to pay process (authorization, budgeting, order placement, logistics, payment, supply chain financing)
  • Category management
  • Contract management
  • Supplier management
  • Change management
  • Quality and service

Participants earn 20 Continuing Professional Development points.

Candidates only need to enroll in one class. Candidates cannot mix attendance in sessions across different classes.

2022 schedule:

Class 1
Sep 20 Session 1
Sep 22 Session 2
Class 2
Oct 04 Session 1
Oct 06 Session 2
Class 3
Oct 25 Session 1
Oct 27 Session 2
Class 4
Dec 13 Session 1
Dec 15 Session 2

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This program is part of our Modern Procurement Programs and Certifications, a training for procurement professionals to meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving supply ecosystem.

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Operational Capability
(20 hours)
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