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Vibe – Vision, Ideas, Belief, Energy 

Vibe is our virtual events portfolio which includes Vibe Talks – a specially curated selection of inspirational keynote speakers, Optimism Café podcasts and our global virtual conference, Vibe Summit. 

A brand new virtual experience 

The recent pandemic has pushed us to rethink the conference experience and how we engage and connect with our members.  While we trust that in the not too distant future we will return to our face-to-face conferences, we were delighted to create a fully immersive global virtual conference in September 2020 - Vibe Summit which allowed members around the globe to share, learn, network, and collaborate. 


Optimism Café Podcasts

The Optimism Café Podcasts were inspired by our resident Optimist Victor Perton together with the inspirational good news stories that began to trickle in from members across the global during the pandemic. 

Amongst the sea of content that the world wants you to consume right now, our podcasts are short, easily digestible real life stories that you can listen to on the go. In this first series, Sally Guyer, CEO, interviews a phenomenal selection of our members highlighting everything from acts of human kindness, generosity, innovation and social good at a time when we really need something to feel optimistic about. 


Vibe Talks

Vibe Talks  is a series of inspiring, uplifting and thought-provoking talks from world-leading influencers and thinkers.  Vibe Talks  last just 15 minutes each followed by an exceptional opportunity to do live Q&A with our speakers. 

Complimentary registration for members and guest members. 

Would you like to nominate someone to give a  Vibe Talk? Get in touch with your idea, we’d love to hear from you.

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Vibe Talk presenters

Linda Jingfang Cai – Talent and Leadership Evangelist

Future Ready Skills and Mindsets

A passionate talent and learning executive, Linda is the co-author of ‘Share: How Organizations Can Thrive in an Age of Networked Knowledge, Power and Relationships’. In this Vibe Talk, Global CEO of World Commerce & Contracting, Sally Guyer will explore with Linda how leaders and workers can equip themselves with skills and mindsets to navigate the complex and volatile world today.

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Sue Liburd MBE – Business, Leadership, Takumi

Emergence: Embracing your new balance

As we tentatively emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic and reflect on all that the world has laid bare to us over recent weeks and months, we need to take steps to ensure that we, as individuals, move forward confidently, that we each play our part in finding the right balance for ourselves, our families, our colleagues and for society at large.

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Karlin Sloan – Author, Entrepreneur, CEO

Resilience – How to be at your most resilient when you most need it

Acclaimed business author of Smarter, Faster, Better and Lemonade: The Leaders Guide to Resilience at Work Karlin Sloan firmly believes that where there is a crisis, there is an opportunity. In this eye-opening talk, Karlin will ask what keeps people bouncing back in the face of dramatic change? Why is it so important to focus on resilience right now?

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Victor Perton – The Optimism Man

Infectious optimism – How do true leaders cope when bad news prevails?

What will be your keepsake from this pandemic? What will you tell future generations about what you did to survive and thrive? Will this be your finest hour? How?

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Rhonda Brighton-Hall – Determined Optimist, Human Being, People and Culture Aficionado

The way humans work and live – in a post-COVID-19 new world

When the world changes so suddenly, how do we ‘get back to normal’, or do we? Determined optimist, human being and People and Culture aficionado Rhonda Brighton-Hall will discuss what really matters and what choices you must make, offering a secure and optimistic way back to the new normal in a post-COVID-19 new world.

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Amy Peck – Futurist and VR Evangelist

Virtual Future – Imagining the unimaginable

The very human crisis we are currently living through has accelerated the need and use of technology, catapulting humans deeper than ever into the virtual world. Individuals, professionals and governments have had to adapt quickly to survive. Amy Peck is passionate about making VR and AR technology accessible and transformative for everyone – in this talk, Amy will take you by the hand and guide you through to the unimaginable virtual future.

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