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Hear from our past winners as they share their thoughts about what World Commerce & Contracting's Innovation & Excellence Award recognition has meant to them.

Mark Roberts

Director of Commercial Services, Metropolitan Police

The challenges posed to all organisations through 2020 provoked all organisations to seek out creative and innovative ways which would ensure operational continuity. The Metropolitan Police Service was no different in this respect and moved with pace to protects its staff from the threat of COVID 19 through providing a unique solution to a real business need.

The recognition by the WorldCC for the efforts in mobilising this solution was a huge boost for everybody involved in the project specifically and for the wider commercial team in general. It has helped embed the value and role of Commercial Services in the eyes and minds of our stakeholders in enabling solutions for the organisation. I’m sure the award has also helped with the awareness of the team outside the organisation with greater interest being expressed in candidates seeking roles within what is now an award winning team.

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Pratiksha Becker

Head of Supplier Relationship Management, SA Health

Winning the “Innovation in Crisis” Award APAC from World Commerce and Contracting was a huge boost to the motivation of our Procurement and Contract Management Team at SA Health as it acknowledged our hard work and achievement during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.

Procurement and Contracts Management doesn’t often get recognition in large organisations as it isn’t seen as core business – but SA Health’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic has proven the agility of our procurement and contract management to deliver positive outcomes and the “Innovation in Crisis” Award recognised this.

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Saber Haidous

Global Purchasing & Manufacturing Services - Global Manager - Indirect Material Management, GM

I like to start my comments by expressing how privileged and honored I am to have received the 2020’s Global and the Americas WorldCC’s Innovation & Excellence Awards for Managing During Crisis.

Personally it was great accomplishment that did not only provide me with a moment of self-pride but also it did energize me to do more and strive to look for opportunities, it really raised the bar for me and for my team. We introduced the award to the team as a catalyst to ignite stronger will to contribute more to our GM One Team’s success.

Since I received this award on behalf of my team and company, it was very important to celebrate with my team and my leadership, I had the honor to present the award to my executive leadership and VP. General Motors is a company that value individual’s contribution, especially those who help build the team and its success, those who use the moments of accomplishments as an engine to go stronger and faster.

My leadership, my team and I were very proud to receive this award and celebrate our contribution to our global customers and to the communities we live and work in. Thank you to the World Commerce and Contracting for the trust and recognition.

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Ines Curtius

Legal/Contract Intrapeneur, Speaker, Legal Enthusiast, Airbus Defence & Space

The WorlddCC 2019 award for Strategic Direction for the Airbus Defence and Space initiative ‘ContractInnovators’ was personally for me a clear and loud sign that my gut feeling for centuries that something is wrong with contracts and consequently we need to innovate is shared and appreciated also outside Airbus.

It reassured me that the path I am on to challenge and innovate the legal industry and society is the right one. It certainly played an important role of me becoming one of the „European women of legal tech 2020“.

I think as an initiative it gave us more credibility within and outside Airbus and last but not least it did show that Airbus is not only a innovator in the technical areas but also in the supporting functions.

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