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Benefits of partnering with us

Savings on cost and travel

Presence at a virtual conference saves you money on travel, lodging, promotional items, and other typical expenses – aside from a reduction in your carbon footprint!

Virtual summits are interactive

Our new virtual platform allows attendees to visit your booth, chat via text or video. You can schedule demonstrations and meetings with delegates. Plus you can attend workshops, keynote sessions, and our speed networking! Attendees can swap electronic business cards and you save that data instantly in your database.

Increased attendance

Virtual conferences are easier for attendees to join because there is no travel involved, this means you can reach more markets around the world in one place than ever before. Connect with over 1000 delegates from around the world!

Increased exposure

Vibe Summit will ‘live on’ with attendees accessing presentations, documents, videos after the event. 

Live reporting and analytics

The major advantage of a virtual conference is that the platform provides real-time analytics that you just don’t get at in-person conferences.