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Inspiring Women in Commerce and Contracting 2022

The Inspiring Women Program, supported by Icertis, recognises and celebrates women who have made significant achievements in the field of commerce and contracting.

The nominations list for the 2022 program will be published in the coming weeks.

Listed below are the key criteria, as demonstrated by the Inspiring Women who were recognised in 2021:

  • Leadership 
  • Inspiring and influencing others  
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship  
  • Bravery and/or moral courage 
  • Supporting diversity and inclusion  
  • Leading in technology 
  • Making a positive difference or raising the reputation of commerce and contracting in their organisation, geography or industry 
  • Defining the new normal (post Covid-19) 
  • Social Value


We not only aim to inspire, but also to remind the world of the incredible contributions that women make to commerce and society as a whole.