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20th - 21st September APAC
21st - 22nd September EMEA & Americas


Good choice! You've come to the right place to register for World Commerce & Contracting's flagship virtual event in follow-the-sun format. Vibe Summit, lasting three days across all time zones, is packed full of exciting content and you can access it all at any time no matter where you are in the world. To make it easier to catch up if you miss something while you're sleeping, or if you can't choose between the parallel workshops, remember that our sessions will be recorded and you can watch the recording on the platform as soon as the live broadcast of each one ends. Nonetheless, we recommend joining live for as much of the agenda as you can, so that you can interact, ask questions, network and get your problems solved in our innovative workshops. Do you think you can see all the sessions over the three days? There might be a prize for that at the end!

Please begin your registration* by selecting your region, just so we can see, at a glance, where our delegates are logging on from. Thank you and we hope you enjoy the event as much as we have enjoyed putting it together. We know you will!

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* ticket price for members: $99, for non members: $120

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