Please Wait a Moment

Message from CEO, Sally Guyer

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has deeply saddened the World Commerce & Contracting community and I want to pass on this message of solidarity with our Ukrainian members who have been at the forefront in bringing change to their country.

Now is the time for us to stand together as a community.

Over the last eight years, our membership has grown by more than 300%, reflecting the growth of honest, open trading relationships, challenging the corruption of the past.

Our values of fairness, honesty and collaboration are challenged by the use of force, by attempts to impose values that destroy personal and business integrity.

Ukraine, we stand with you and for you in this time of need. Our aspiration can only be that you succeed in your fight for freedom and self-determination.

During this difficult time, you might like to offer support by donating to some of the following charities:

UN Crisis Relief

Unicef - protect children in Ukraine

Global Giving - Help Ukraine's refugees make a new start