Collaborative Negotiation: Preparation is Everything with Keld Jensen

November 02, 2020 - November 10, 2020

Monday, November 02, 2020 - Tuesday, November 10, 2020

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM UTC / Greenwich Mean Time

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Monday, November 02, 2020

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Friday, October 30, 2020


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These virtual workshops will prepare you to make full use of the award-winning SMARTnership Negotiation Method—the world´s most-awarded negotiating strategy. Among its many accolades are the coveted World Commerce & Contracting Innovation Award, and the Organization of Public Procurement Officers' Award for Best Tender/Negotiation Method.

Where & when?

Depending on your local time zone this chargeable program will consist of two 1-hour workshops on November 2/3 and November 9/10

Europe & Americas Time Friendly

  • Online: November 2 and November 9
  • 8am California, 11am New York, 4pm London

Asia Pacific Time Friendly

  • Online November 3 and November 10
  • 10am Sydney

What will I receive?

  • Two one-hour LIVE virtual sessions with award-winning author and negotiation strategist Keld Jensen
  • A copy of the e-book How To Negotiate Your Way Through The Covid19 Crisis by Keld Jensen
  • Downloadable checklists
  • Free access to the online intro-session to our SMARTnership Negotiation Training Program (A $US95 value)
  • Five-day free access to the recorded version of the session
  • Complete self-confidence in preparing your next negotiation

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Eleven Essential Points of Preparation
If you want to more effectively influence and persuade in the negotiation setting, a superior understanding of the negotiation process itself gives you a distinct edge. Especially when you're negotiating online. This webinar gives you that edge. It could net you significant savings, or see you leaving the table with substantial gains in value.

Studies show that business negotiators desire greater transparency, openness, honesty, and collaboration in their negotiations. SMARTnership Negotiation exists to transform those desires into realities. Here are the elements SMARTnership explores, explains and makes practical:

  • Becoming acquainted with the other party’s situation
  • Avoiding time pressure
  • Casting negotiation roles
  • Expecting the unexpected
  • Understanding negotiation's true importance
  • Discovering and exploiting variables and alternatives
  • Taking a big-picture view (avoiding bog-down in details and inconsequentials)
  • Agenda setting
  • Objective establishment and focus
  • Effective bidding and bargaining
  • Strategy: the path to the best conclusion

Keld will show you how proper preparation can build your negotiation strength, and give you a concise checklist to make your preparations simpler and more certain. Preparation is worth all the time and attention you can give it; knowing the essentials and using my checklist makes the process quicker.

Keld will be addressing:

  • Choosing a negotiation strategy using the Strategy Assessment Matrix Model
  • SMARTnership, partnership or zero-sum
  • Preparation checklist
  • Requirements for more collaborative negotiation
  • What to understand about your counterpart
  • Why tenders are often approached as zero-sum propositions
  • What NOT to do
  • What TO do
  • The eleven essential points of preparation
  • Preparing for face-to-face vs. online negotiation
  • The award-winning concept of NegoEconomics (negotiation economics)
  • Why we still negotiate as they did in the 1850s
  • How to turn a negotiation into a collaboration
  • Answers to your questions


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Keld Jensen
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