Supplier Relationship Management Advanced Practitioner Certification Program

March 04, 2021 - June 17, 2021

Thursday, March 04, 2021 - Thursday, June 17, 2021

2:00 PM - 4:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time (UTC)

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Thursday, March 04, 2021

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Thursday, March 04, 2021

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Planning for 2021? Looking to expand your competencies, skills, successfully manage relationships through continuted uncertainty, enhance your CV?

Members that are currently certified at the Practitioner level (in SRM) can register for the Advanced Practitioner Certification Program, starting March 4th. World Commerce & Contracting have partnered with State of Flux to deliver a 16-week online training program that is a blend of online collaborative learning, and guided independent projects, designed to apply knowledge and develop behaviors that demonstrate successful application of SRM within a supplier relationship.

Prerequisites to register:

  • Active World Commerce & Contracting Membership
  • World Commerce & Contracting SRM Practitioner level certification

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4th March

Meet & Greet session

Set expectations for programme and allow attendees to become familiar with the delivery environment and programme format.

11th March

Module 1- Lifecycle approach to supplier management

Examines the total lifecycle from supplier onboarding, management through the life of the contract and exit and the how value is optimised in each phase. The importance of regulatory requirements and supplier management.
Being a better student of the supplier’s business.

25th March

Module 2 - Cross business stakeholder management

Stakeholder mapping that encompasses the key interests on both the buy- and sell-side of the relationship; Building the relationship plan. Leading cross-functional, cross-business teams and dealing with influence without authority.

8th April

Module 3 - Contract and performance management

Using contracts as a basis for performance management. The role of SLAs and KPIs for driving continuous improvement through balanced (two-way) scorecards that go beyond basic operational measures.

22nd April

Module 4 - Risk Management in the supplier management context

Exercising oversight of supplier risk. Identifying and calibrating risks. Developing actions to transform inherent risk into residual risk; Dealing with risks that are outside of the organisation’s risk appetite. Ensuring that risk controls are effective.

6th May

Module 5 - Driving collaboration through joint account planning

Understanding the objectives of the key account manager and account planning. Evaluating how you are being account managed. Identifying where to collaborate (and where not) in joint account planning scenarios.

20th May

Module 6 - Influence, trust and communication skills

Stakeholder dialogue methods – structuring communications for influence and persuasion in a conversational, presentation and written communications context. Building trust and collaboration.

3rd June

Module 7 - Implementing value release programmes

Identifying and leveraging buy-side and sell-side value drivers and benefits. Creating a quantified value release plan.

17th June

Module 8 - Stimulating and managing supplier innovation

The key elements needed to manage a pipeline of ideas and keep suppliers engaged. Building an idea screening process. The key elements of a joint business case.

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