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09 July 2020 · Conference Materials

Brave New Law - Managing contracts in the new economic reality.

Brave New Law:
Managing contracts in the new economic reality.

– Why contracts fail

– Can lawyers save them?

– Are we facing a global change in contracting?

– How lawyers should adapt for the new economic reality  

This special program is being conducted in partnership with the Higher School of Economics in Moscow and is directed at lawyers and contracting professionals in Russia. The program will be delivered in English.

In these times of rapid change, contracts must also evolve. The way businesses think about agreements will never be the same. Lawyers, faced with this new reality, should adapt to the changing circumstances. Tim Cummins, the «father» of contract management, will share research and insights of best contracting practices and evolving lawyers' skills in this brave new world. Svetlana Lobanova will share her experience and observations re the role of contract management in the modern business environment.

Presenters and Moderator

Tim Cummins, London
Professor, University of Leeds, School of Law
Founder & President, International Association for Contract & Commercial Management
Career includes commercial, financial and executive roles in banking, automotive, aerospace, technology and business services in UK, US and France

Svetlana Lobanova, Sydney
Lead Project Contract Manager, Nokia

Career includes leading in-house legal  and contract management roles in telecommunications, engineering, oil&gas industries in Russia and Australia     

Gleb Krokhmalyuk, Moscow
Lecturer of English law, Higher School of Economics
Practicing lawyer qualified in Russian and English law, career includes international consulting and dispute resolution

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