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12 June 2020 ·

Ask the Expert / MOOC Call 3: The impact of Covid-19 on Contracts and Supply Chains

The humble force majeure clause has been tested by the COVID-19 pandemic like never before. But what can we learn from this pandemic and how will it shape the future of contracts and business planning in a post COVID-19 era? \r
As businesses start to return to normal a renewed focus and attention is placed on their template contracts and supply chain operations - implementing lessons learned will be critical in the coming months. Will the force majeure clause undergo a revolution or is there a quick fix? How will businesses build resilient supply chains again? And critically what's the next unthinkable event that may test a businesses' resilience again and should factor into business planning.\r
This webinar will address\r
Tips on the future of the force majeure clause\r
How lessons learned will be drivers for change\r
Building resilient supply chains in a post-pandemic environment

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