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27 April 2016 · Webinar

Contract Management: It's time to think about the user!

Contract Management: It's time to think about the user! Self-Service CLM is Within Your Reach\r
Businesses are recognizing the need to empower customers through instant service and ease of access with technologies like handheld devices, etc. So, what about the users of contracts? By limiting ease of access in a company, we create risk, drive up non-compliance, impede revenues and increase costs.\r
Considering some estimates showing an average between 20,000 - 50,000 contracts per organizations, it is inevitable that even casual business users will at some point need access to a corporate contract management system. Consider basic use cases of a user getting an NDA executed to on-board a vendor for a service contract, an employee executing a benefits document, or a manager getting a lease agreement executed for expanding office space.\r
Self-service... it's what the best in class companies are doing. What about you?

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