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31 July 2014 · Webinar

Improving Contract Clarity

Today's contracts are complex and their meaning is not always clear to those involved. In order for contract designers to capture business objectives, and for contracts to effectively transmit obligations, cross-professional communication must succeed. What can we do to provide better usability, and to prevent inadvertent non-compliance and unintended outcomes?\r
On this webinar, we are joined by two experts who share their insights into the areas of contract visualization and the use of clear legal language.\r
Stefania Passera, of Aalto University School of Science in Finland, demonstrates how the latest design methods and tools for contract visualization can enable managers and lawyers to better understand and address current business needs, share knowledge, and ensure mutual understanding.\r
Daphne Perry, of Clarity (the international association for plain legal language), provides an introduction to the work of the association, asking 'What is clear legal language, Who needs it, and How does Clarity promote it?'\r
Watch this webinar and discover practicable approaches to improving the clarity of your contracts.

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