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03 March 2021 ·

Vibe Talk with Emma Dutton: The Power of Influence

Emma Dutton is the Co-Founder & CEO of Applied Influence Group, a team of elite influencers who developed their expertise in extreme environments, dealing with the highest of stakes, people’s lives. Emma's group helped some of the biggest businesses in the world to overcome their toughest influence challenges. See what a former military intelligence specialist who has completed 5 tours in Afghanistan and worked extensively with leaders in the Taliban has to do with your work in Contract and Commercial Management. In this Vibe talk, Global CEO of World Commerce & Contracting Sally Guyer, will explore with Emma the concept of influencing and all its tenets and what can be learned about business performance from influencing Military Intelligence operations.

Vibe Talks is a series of inspiring, uplifting and thought-provoking talks from world-leading influencers and thinkers. Vibe Talks last just 15 minutes each followed by an exceptional opportunity to do live Q&A with our speakers.

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