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Apr29 Enhancing relationships put people first – a story of success!
April 29, 2022

Much has been written about Zoom fatigue 1 and the difficulties of working remotely as a team but...
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Mar05 Ask the Expert: How To Build Modern Day Resilience
March 05, 2021

It’s not what happens to us that truly defines our destiny but how we choose to react to what happe...
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Apr23 Business Impact of Coronavirus - Global Action and Reaction
April 23, 2020

This report is based on data collected in the period April 7th-14th from 440 corporations. It is th...
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Apr16 Managing Contracts under Covid-19: What have we learnt?
April 16, 2020

Organizations of all sizes and across all industries have been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic an...
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